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Armie Hammer seeks $5.8 million for stately Hancock Park Tudor

It’s shaping up to be a short stay in Hancock Park for Armie Hammer. A year after buying a 1920s Tudor in the historical neighborhood for $4.72 million, the actor is asking $5.8 million for the home.

Tucked into a cul-de-sac, the 93-year-old residence sits right across the street from Wilshire Country Club on a lushly landscaped, secluded quarter-acre lot. Hedged and gated, the grounds also feature a private backyard with a massive patio alongside a swimming pool, spa and waterfall.

Ivy, brick and half-timbering bring period charm to the exterior, and inside, original details such as arches, moldings and stained glass windows fill the living spaces. Recent updates include newly stained hardwood floors and fresh paint.

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Strangest COVID-19 Side Effect to Date: Real Estate ‘Quarandreams’

Here’s one of the weirdest side effects of the coronavirus pandemic that we’ve heard of so far: People around the world are experiencing a rash of bizarrely vivid quarantine dreams while sleeping, called “quarandreams.” And surprisingly often, these weirdly intense sleep visions are all about real estate.

Sleep experts and dream analysts agree that the rise of quarandreams is not surprising, given that many are under a lot more stress than usual, combined with the fact that it’s simply easier to remember dreams when there is less noise outside to wake us up mid-sleep cycle.

But why are so many of these pandemic dreams centering on homes?

Psychoanalysts dating to Carl Jung have traditionally viewed the house as a representation of the self. So what are these quarandreams trying to tell you? Is it time to relocate to the burbs, or upgrade to a bigger house?

“Dreams provide an

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