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Selling a Home: 3 Things that Matter to Your Buyers

The difference between a house and a home is subtle, but it’s a difference which could potentially make or break a property deal. As personal buyers are looking for homes, not exactly real estate, it is important to paint a picture that highlights a piece of property as something that is affordable, appealing and relatable. In order to explain this difference further with prominent examples, let’s now discuss three of the most important factors that matter to most buyers.

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The First Impression

It might sound cliched, but love at first sight is a real phenomenon when it comes to choosing personal homes! If a house manages to strike that right chord with your potential buyers on the very first visit, they are likely to buy it, and at a good price, even if everything isn’t picture perfect right away. Of course, this would only matter if there aren’t enough big problems that come up later on in the showing.  After all, nobody is going to buy a house with a messed-up plumbing or heating system, at least not at a good price anyway.

The Boiler

Make sure that your boiler has been upgraded to a condensing unit because an ancient non-condensing boiler with a big, bulky water tank is going to stand out like an eye sore! In addition to making the room look ugly, a non-condensing unit is also quite dangerous, given how easy it is for something to get sucked inside. HVAC engineers will advise the same to the houseowner on consultation and in fact, you will find an informative piece on the New York Engineers blog about the condensing boilers and why most central systems in Chicago have already made the upgrade. Unless the buyer is really oblivious to the risks and the huge heating bills which they will have to pay on buying a house with a non-condensing boiler, chances are that they will either be turned off, or will try to strike a huge bargain because of the replacement costs which they will have to bear for the same upgrade.

The Competitiveness of the Price

Many factors come into play while deciding what should be a competitive price for the house that you are trying to sell.  For example, the safety of the locality; the ease of availing public transport; the history of the house and the surroundings; the development in the area; the general degree of noise and air pollution; the size and age of the property, the associated property taxes and so on.  A professional agent will be able to help you in determining the cost, if you are not one yourself. Do consult a few agents instead of just one to make sure that they are being honest with you.

The points we just discussed should be relevant to you, whether you are the houseowner, or a real estate agent, because your role is of little value to the potential customers and the most important thing that matters to them is the vibe they receive from the property in question.