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Three Components On An Elevator That Should Be Routinely Inspected To Ensure Reliable And Safe Operation

A residential elevator is designed to make it easy for anyone to access the various levels of a home, but just like commercial units, they do require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure they are safe to operate. Neglecting to conduct routine maintenance will likely lead to performance issues and cause the components of a lift system to stop functioning, which will lead to expensive repair costs. Her is a quick look at the top three items that need regular lift maintenance in Singapore.

Hydraulic Motor Assembly

The heart of a lift system is the hydraulic motor that raises and lowers the elevator car between floors. If the hydraulic components are not inspected for the presence of excess wear and damage, it may cause the unit to burn out and leave the lift inoperable. A service and maintenance company will ensure that any fluid levels are adequately maintained and that any components that are displaying signs of wear are replaced which will assure the lift operates reliably.

Lift Braking System

Though it is highly unlikely for the cable system and motor of a lift to fail at the same time, the braking components are designed to stop the passenger car from freefalling if a complete system malfunction occurs. Be sure to hire a qualified technician to inspect the brakes and emergency systems, so that the unit is safe to use and the chance of injury as a result of mechanical failure is eliminated.

Cable System

An elevator car is attached to a cable system that is controlled by the motor components of the lift system. Though several safety features are designed to protect occupants in the event of a cable failure, regular examination of the cable will help to stave off issues. An elevator technician will be able to identify potential safety hazards and make recommendations on the repairs that are needed to keep a cable system operational.

A residential lift not only adds value to a home, but it also provides added convenience. Hin Chong is a leading provider of installation and repair services and makes it easy for homeowners to keep their elevator equipment in tip-top shape. Contact them today to learn more about their maintenance contracts and see how affordable maintaining a lift system should be.