Attention-Grabbers from Bellavista Collection: These Pieces Just Can’t Pass Unnoticed 

Actually, all Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection grabs attention at once. But there are items so outwardly luxurious that you can’t help noticing them. Let’s take a look at just three pieces: two sideboards and a cabinet. Names of the two (TUDOR and LUIS) remind us of monarchs, and the third – CHANEL – is commonly associated with splendor, good taste, elegance and charm.

TUDOR: Fit for a King

TUDOR sideboard instantly catches the eye, especially if you choose such option as cladding of its sides, doors, and the top with sheets of brushed stainless steel, coated with the finish also called Tudor. Although steel isn’t the material often used in high-end furniture making, Bellavista Collection brand has long been known for its non-trivial design solutions.

Every material has a beauty of its own. Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s chief designer and co-founder, has been successfully proving it since 2010 when the brand came into existence. Woods, metals, glass, leather – whatever this brilliant designer makes use of, reveals all its splendor. It’s a kind of magic – the magic of talent, sense of beauty, great skill, and decades of design experience.

Even if you don’t opt for metal cladding, the decorative metal studs with an antique bronze finish on the wooden external part of TUDOR’s structure and the gold finish of the handles make this cabinet look really special.

One more special thing about TUDOR is that it exists in two variants, named Bar Unit and Jewels.

As it’s easy to guess, TUDOR BAR UNIT is a bar unit, and TUDOR Jewels is a kind of a deluxe safe with a custom lock, latches, and keys. It is intended for safely keeping various valuable things – for example, jewelry. When both variants were first displayed at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in 2019, they scored a great success and predictably became bestsellers immediately after the event.

As to the TUDORs’ dimensions, both are of the same size: they are 125 centimeters (49.2 inches) wide, 111.6 centimeters (43.7 inches) high, and 53 centimeters (20.9 inches) deep. These models differ mostly in specific details and decorative elements. For example, TUDOR bar unit can boast of the natural onyx decoration of its inner back. To make this slab of a semi-precious stone look even more gorgeous, it is backlit with LED lights.

Veneering of the outer structure is offered in multiple options to choose from. Grand-looking rosewood, ebony, and grey sukupira used for TUDORs are among the species Bellavista often picks for its furniture. The same is true for natural and stained American walnut and oak. You are welcome to choose among natural, grey stained, and moka stained oak, as well as natural, moka stained, and dark stained walnut. The inside part for all the variants is made of maple wood.

LUIS: Royalty as It Is

One more Bellavista’s attention catcher is LUIS – a two-door sideboard with a royal name and appearance. Its doors are decorated with an exquisite inlay, which is composed of separate metal details, forming a magnificent rounded pattern with antique bronze finish. So do the leaf-shaped handles, in cast brass which are manually hammered as well.

As to the outer wooden structure, there are eight wood options available for it. They include the brand’s favorites – grey sukupira and ebony, plus six kinds of oak and American walnut. The inner space of the sideboard is in natural maple wood.

All the materials – antique bronze finish of handles, a bronzed glass of the shelf inside, top-quality saddle leather padding of the drawers – are in perfect harmony with one another, which is a telling sign of excellent design. So is the overall feeling of pleasure when you’re looking at LUIS.

This remarkable sideboard is large enough to store lots of things, yet small enough to blend into a middle-sized room. It’s 170.3 centimeters (67 inches) wide, 54 centimeters (21.3 inches) deep, and 85.3 centimeters high (33.6 inches).

This sideboard demonstrates a great combination of beauty and practicability. Its two doors open as wide as at 180°, and the drawers are equipped with a soft-close damping mechanism. Motion-activated LED lights are also very handy, not to mention adding more prettiness to their looks.

CHANEL: An Embodiment of Elegance

CHANEL cabinet first grabbed the attention of the public in 2014, when Bellavista Collection presented it at iSaloni and Maison&Objet, along with other newly designed pieces. For about eight years, this cabinet remains extremely popular with the brans’ customers, and for a good reason. CHANEL will never go out of fashion because timeless beauty never does.

Bellavista has always been good at revealing the natural beauty of materials: wood, metal, leather, gless, etc. CHANEL is one more example of it: wood grain of veneering serves as a decorative element, forming a diamond on the doors.

The veneering wood species available include ebony, grey sukupira, and three kinds of American walnut. In addition, four kinds of marble are offered for its optional top inset: Carrara, Emperador Dark Brown, Breccia Damascata, and Calacatta marble. Alternatively, you can have the top insert made of grand-looking hammered cast brass with an antique bronze finish, refined by hand. The same material is used for the cabinet’s base.

What is more, CHANEL could be either 80 or 160 centimeters wide (31.5 and 63.1 inches respectively). The other dimensions are the same: both versions are 105 centimeters (41.3 inches) high and 50 centimeters (19.7 inches) deep. As you see, this lovely sideboard will easily fit into any room, even a small one.

Actually, these three furniture pieces described above aren’t the only ones that instantly turn heads. Just open the PRODUCTS section of the brand’s website, go to CASEGOODS product category and select the sub-category named SIDEBOARDS. Browse through it – and you’ll see that every item here definitely could be called an attention-grabber. And that’s just one category of remarkable Italian luxury furniture pieces designed and manufactured by Bellavista Collection. There are many more, and they are all worth your attention.


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