Growth of real estate market in Malaysia

Investing in Malaysia is stable investment when compared to other real estate investment markets in the world. Many ups and downs are linked with the real estate investments, but it tends to be less unstable than other markets such as the stock market. This might be due to the time span as property needs time to sale or purchase, but shares are comparatively fast. The real estate market is always in demand and the prices always tend to increase

There are many advantages linked with the foreigners to invest in Malaysia. Malaysia Developer start with providing property ownership status, flexible mortgages easily available and much more for its property investors. The real estate investment in Malaysia is one of the cheapest in Central Asia. The real estate investment brings along potential growth for the foreign as well as the local investors. Malaysia is a politically and economically stable country free from natural disaster threats. In 2016 “My second home” program attracted many foreigners from all over the world to invest in Malaysian property and ranked as 3rd best place to reside in the world.

Current real estate market conditions in Malaysia:

It is evident that the property investment or real estate is one of the economic growth drivers in Malaysia, also act as the engine of social stability in the country which is also a driver of economic growth. As widely reported that the economic environment in Malaysia is looking p, although there is high uncertainty. The economic growth is reported to grow steadily at 5{7c2c3d15500c128cae9a3bfbf60d07360291301ebc44b95e8d5a3b3359738080} to 6{7c2c3d15500c128cae9a3bfbf60d07360291301ebc44b95e8d5a3b3359738080} throughout 2018. This greatly impacts and accelerates the growth of the real estate market.

Berjaya condominium an ideal location for investment, is a 26-story residential tower strategically positioned with ease to markets, schools and hospitals access. Each of the Berjaya units come with two parking slots at least. There are clear indications of improved property markets in Malaysia and is expected to grow more investment activities in real estate in the second half of 2018 and 2019.

Penang development, the orient pearl topped with highest direct approved investment in Malaysia was at RM8.5 billion in the year 2017. Both foreign and local investments into the country has encouraging flows, paired with the good economic indicators which shows gradual improvement in general sentiments.

Tourists visit to Penang has increased with an increase in the international airlines arriving in Malaysia. In 2018 there was a high tourist traffic at Penang international airport.  The tenancy rates for shopping at prime shopping malls on the island has ranged from 80{7c2c3d15500c128cae9a3bfbf60d07360291301ebc44b95e8d5a3b3359738080} to 90{7c2c3d15500c128cae9a3bfbf60d07360291301ebc44b95e8d5a3b3359738080} which also brings in economic stability and foreign investment in the country.

Choosing the right location to purchase land or home might be a challenging task, but the advance real estate market of Malaysia have made it easier for you to look for your ideal location. Malaysia not only provide ideal locations but also assures the safety of its local as well as the foreign residents.

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